Three Piece Sushi Soap

Sushi Soap, these delectable items look good enough to eat*

(*) But please don't, they are soap.

Three pieces of regular Sushi Soap per package. Soap only is packaged in a clear plastic deli-style carry out box. Soap set with Bamboo soap dish is packed in a cardboard box. (Note that the pictured chop-sticks are just for sake of illustration and are not included with the soap.)

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For a description of what each type of Sushi is, see our "Menu" page.

Tamago, Ikura, Futomaki and Wasabi

Tamago, Futomaki, Maguro and Wasabi

Futomaki, Tamago, Ikura on a Ceramic Bamboo soap dish

Futomaki, Maguro, Tamago on a Ceramic Bamboo soap dish


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