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Here is the glossary of each of the different types of Sushi Soaps that we make. They are packaged in these four combinations for purchase:

1 Super sushi w/ condiments, 2 regular sushi w/ condiments, 3 regular sushi w/ condiments and 1 ceramic bamboo tray w/ 3 regular sushi

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Futomaki Soap:

Designed to look like cucumber, egg & seasonal vegetables, rolled up in sushi rice & wrapped in nori (seaweed)

Tamago Soap

Designed to look like a slice of egg on top of a mound of sushi rice, wrapped with a strip of nori.

Ikura Soap

Designed to look like Salmon roe resting on top of sushi rice, wrapped in nori

Maguro Soap

Designed to look like thinly sliced Ahi tuna resting on a mound of sushi rice


left to right; Designed to look like Ginger, a slice of Kamaboko (fish cake) & a swirl of Wasabi ( Japanese horseradish).

Comparison of the relative size difference between regular sushi soaps and Super Sushi soaps

Super sushi, back row: net weight 3 1/2 oz. to 5 oz. each piece

Regular sushi, front row: net weight 1 1/2 oz. to 2 oz. each piece

Chopsticks just for size reference, not included.

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